Flumigard Herbicide Clipper Herbicide

Flumigard Herbicide Clipper Herbicide

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Product Name Flumigard Herbicide Clipper Herbicide
Active Ingredient Flumioxazin - 51%
Brand Name Flumigard

Flumigard Herbicide Clipper Herbicide - 1 - 5 Lb provides fast and long-term selective control of some of the toughest and most problematic species in Aquatic and Terrestrial Vegetation Management.

Flumigard Herbicide is powered by the active ingredient Flumioxazin, an N-phenylphthalimide herbicide. The mode of action in this chemistry family is inhibition of protoporphyringogen oxidase (Protox), an enzyme important in the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Key Benefits  • Foliar Application Rate 6-12 oz Per Surface Acre, for Full Season Control
• Versatile Subsurface Injection Application Rate 200-400 ppb
• Versatile Contact Herbicide for Controlling Problematic Aquatic Plants
• Excellent Tank Partner for Enhancing Efficacy of Select Aquatic Herbicides
• Dissipates Quickly from Water Column Providing a Favorable Environmental Profile
• Low Use Rate – 8-12 oz/acre (24 oz/acre Maximum Annual Rate)
• Broad Spectrum Pre- and Post-Emergent Activity
• Tank Mix Friendly – Compatible with Numerous Other Herbicides
• Resistance Management Tool
    EPA Reg No 81927-68
    Manufacturer Alligare LLC
    Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, PR

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