Brand Name Dragnet

Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide is a multi-purpose insecticide formulated with permethrin for fast-acting, long-lasting control of fleas, termites and 75 other pests.

Target Pest

Argentine ants, Acrobat ant, Carpenter ant, Odorous ant, Ghost ant, Fire ants, Pharaoh ant, Ant Mounds, Armyworm, Carpenter Bees, Bark Beetle, Borers, Boxelder Bugs, Centipedes, American roach, Palmetto bug or water bug, Smokey brown cockroach, Oriental cockroach, German roach, Brown banded cockroach, Crickets, Mole Crickets, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Firebrats, Fleas, Ground Beetles, Gypsy Moths (adults & Caterpillars), Millipedes Scorpions, House spider, Cellar Spider, black widow spider, Brown recluse spider, Silverfish, Sod Webworm, Sow bugs, Paper wasp, Mud dauber, Brown dog tick, American dog tick, Chinch bugs, Pill Bugs.

Aphids, Bagworm, Beet Armyworm, Birch Leaf miner, Cabbage Lopper Cankerworms Citrus thrips, Fungus Gnat, Gypsy Moth, Caterpillars Heliothis spp. , Japanese Beetles, Lace Bug, Leaf Feeding Caterpillars, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Pine Sawflies Plant Bugs Root Weevils (Adult), Tent Caterpillars Webworms Whiteflies Zimmerman Pine Moths, Sod web worm.

Bark Beetles Borers (Including but not limited to Dendroctonu s spp., Ips spp., Scolytus spp., Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, Elm Bark Beetles, Rhododendro n borer and Turpentine Beetles.

Centipedes, Bat Bugs, Bed Bugs, Carpenter bees, Boxelder Bugs, Drain fly, Cluster fly, House fly, Earwigs Firebrats, Ground Beetles, Leaf Beetles, Millipedes, Red rust Flour Beetles, Confused Flour beetle, Indian Meal Moths, Larder Beetles Pill bugs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Carpet Beetles, Brown Dog Ticks, subterranean termite.

For Use In

Indoor & outdoor Homes, Private homes, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, house trailers, apartment complexes, carports, garages, fence lines, storage sheds, barns, other residential structures, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, soil, trunks of woody ornamentals Office Buildings, Lawns, Shrubs, Ornamental Plants and Trees, Outside Surfaces of Buildings, Post-Construction (Termites), and Pre-Construction (Termites) and other areas where pests congregate or have been seen.

Application Equipment

Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Hose End Sprayer, Pump Sprayer, Respirator Mask, Spray Rig

Application Methods

Broadcast Spray, Crack & Crevice, Drench Treatment, Spot Treatment, Trench Treatment

Active Ingredients Permethrin 36.8%
Chemical Type Pyrethroid
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Shelf Life Dragnet SFR can be used up to three years when stored in a dry, cool storage area within the original container away from excess heat, flames, or hot surfaces.
weight 2.43 lbs
EPA Registration number 279-3062
Manufacturer FMC
Dragnet SFR Label 2020Dragnet SFR Product SheetDragnet SFR SDS

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