Brand Name Doxem

Doxem IG is a fast acting granular bait that can control a wide range of household pests both indoors and outdoors.

Target Pest

American, Oriental and Turkestan cockroaches, ants (excluding carpenter, fire ants, harvester ants and pharaoh ants), house crickets, field crickets, mole crickets and earwigs.

For Use In

Lawns in residential, commercial, public and institutional landscaped areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, and sports and/or athletic fields

Application Equipment

Hand Spreader, Push Spreader

Application Methods

Granular Spreading

Chemical Type Neurotoxin
Formulation Granular Bait
Shelf Life Doxem IG Granular Insecticide can last 3 to 5 years in storage when kept in a cool, dry place.
EPA Registration number 53883-457
Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.

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