Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTS*

Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTS*


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Product Name

Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTS

Active Ingredient lambda-Cyhalothrin   0.5%
Brand Name Cyonara
Target Pest

Blue grass billbug, Black turfgrass Ataenius (adult), Chiggers, Chinch bugs, Japanese beetle, European chafer, Southern chafer, Dung beetle, Hyperodes weevils (adult), European crane flies, Mole crickets, (nymphs and young adults), Allegheny ant mound, Argentine ant, Black carpenter ant , Cornfield ant, Field ant, Florida carpenter ant, Harvester ant, Honey ant, Pavement ant, Armyworms, cockroaches, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Lawn moths (sod webworms), Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Palmetto bugs, Sowbugs, Mites, Spittlebugs, Deer ticks (which may transmit Lyme Disease), Waterbugs, Armyworms, Aphids, Azalea caterpillar, Bagworms, Black vine weevil (Adult), Boxelder bugs, Budworms, Cankerworms, Eastern tent caterpillar, Elm leaf beetles, European sawfly, Fall webworm, Forest tent caterpillar, Gypsy moth larvae, June beetles (Adults), Lace bugs, Leaf feeding caterpillars, Leafhoppers, Leafminers (Adults), Leaf rollers, Leaf skeletonizers, Midges, Oleander moth larvae, Pillbug, Pine sawfly, Pine shoot beetles, Pinetip moths, Plant bugs, Root weevil, Sawfly, Scale insects (crawlers), Spiders, Spittlebugs, Striped beetles, Striped oakworm, Thrips, Tip moth, Tussock moth larvae Broadmites, Brown softscale, California redscale (crawler), Clover mites, Mealybugs, Pine needle scale (crawler), Spider mites, Whiteflies.


Cyonara Lawn & Garden Ready-to-Spray is a low-odor, broad-spectrum 0.5% Lambda-Cyhalothrin product that controls a wide variety of insects and kills over 130 insect pests on contact.

For Use In

For use on ornamental:

trees, shrubs and flowers, such as, but not limited to:

Ageratum, Ash, Aster, Arborvitae, Arizona Cypress, Azaleas, Begonia, Birch, Boxwood, Box Elder, Camellias, Cherry (ornamental), Nonbearing Citrus, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Coleus, Common Ninebark, Conifers, Douglas Fir, Elm, English Ivy, Euonymus, Exacum, Weeping Fig, Fir, Gladioli, Gold Bells, Hawthorn, Holly, Honeysuckle, 

Hypoestes, Ivy, Juniper, Lilac, Locust, Maple, Marigold, Mimosa, Mock Orange, Nannyberry, Oak, Orchid, Palm, Pansy, Pea Shrub,

Petunia, Philodendron, Pine, Ornamental Plum, Poinsettia, Poplar, Tulip Poplar, Rhododendron, Roses, Snapdragon, Snowberry, Spruce, Taxus, Willow, Zinnia.


Professional Product

Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, PR, WA
Weight 2.37 lbs.
UPC # 072693319851
EPA Reg No 53883-197
Manufacturer Control Solution

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