Banol Fungicide

Banol Fungicide

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Product Name Banol Fungicide
Active Ingredient Propamocarb hydrochloride 66.5%
Brand Name Banol
Target Pest

Phytophthora, Pythium blight, Cottony Blight, Grease Spot, Pythium damping off, Pythium root rot


Banol Fungicide is one of the best Pythium control products available. Bayer Banol Fungicide provides curative protection for, and prevention of, Pythium blight, Pythium root rot and Pythium root.

As a completely water miscible fungicide concentrate Banol Fungicide is for use on turfgrass and ornamental species. Use Banol after germination, or on established turf, to control Pythium damping-off in turf and Pythium blight. You can also use Banol on established turf to prevent Pythium Blight.

Banol Fungicide is not a broad spectrum fungicide and as a result will not control Rhizoctonia sp. (brownpatch), Sclerotinia sp. (dollarspot), or Helminthosporium sp. (leafspot). However, Banol can be used in conjunction with a broad spectrum fungicide if these diseases coexist with Pythium Blight.

Banol Fungicide can be applied at all stages of ornamental propagation to prevent root rot and damping-off caused by Pythium sp. and Phytophthora sp.

For Use In

Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Commercially Grown Ornamentals in Greenhouses and Container-Grown Ornamentals in Nurseries

Weight 9.50 lbs
EPA Reg No 432-942
Manufacturer Bayer Environmental Science
Not For Sale To AK, HI, PR

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