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Alpine PT Insecticidal Aerosol-20 oz

Alpine PT Insecticidal Aerosol-20 oz


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Product Name Alpine PT Insecticidal Aerosol-20 oz
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran 0.5%
Brand Name Alpine
Target Pest

Ants (including foraging Carpenter, Fire, Harvester and Pharaoh Ants), Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Crickets, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Flour Beetles (Red and Confused), Fruit Flies, German Cockroaches, Grain Weevils, Indian meal Moths, Millipedes, Phorid Flies, Pill bugs, Powder Post Beetles, Silverfish, Sow bugs, Spiders (excluding Black Widow), Springtails and Trogoderma. Please see the product label for a full list of pests.


PT Alpine pressurized insecticide is a reduced risk non repellent aerosol for residual control of crawling and flying insects. It is effective against insecticide-resistant bed bugs.

For Use In

Apartments, Campgrounds, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Non Food Areas (Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Supermarkets), Nursing Homes, Resorts, Schools, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Planes€ ), Utilities, Warehouses, and other Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Use in cargo areas only. Do not use in aircraft cabins. Please refer product label for more information.


Professional Product

Weight 1.62 lbs
UPC # 804338140847
EPA Reg No 499-531
Manufacturer BASF
Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, PR

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