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Everyday Pest Prevention Tips

Conducive Conditions Recommendations
Tree branches on house Keep tree branches away from house to reduce pest access.
Firewood next to foundation Keep firewood away from house to reduce pest harborage.
Debris on crawlspace/next to foundation Remove wood debris to reduce termites and rodents harborage area.
Excessive plant cover, mulch, stump, etc. Providing spacing between plant cover and structure.
Soil above the foundation line Keep soil below foundation to reduce harborage areas.
Wood-to-gound contact Keep soil from touching to eliminate termite access
Debris on roof/full gutter Keep gutter & roof free of debris to reduce insect harborage.
Standing water near/under structure Eliminate standing water to reduce pest harborage.
Moisture problem under structure Increase ventilation to reduce pest harborage area.
Insufficient ventilation in attic Ensure that the attic has sufficient ventilation.
Opening at plumbing & electronics Seal opening to reduce pest access.
Rodent droppings & Urine inside property Clean all dropping and clean floor every week with disinfectant e.g. Pine sole, Clorox.
Excessive gaps at exterior wall Make sure you seal all cracks around perimeter of exterior wall.
Doors and Windows are not property sealed All doors & windows are property sealed with tight fitting screens and weather stripping.
Leaky roof or plumbing fixtures Repair to reduce moisture for pests.
Keep garbage cans covered Covered to reduce attraction of insects or vertebrate pests.
Moisture damage wood Repair rotten or damaged wood to reduce insect harborage.
Grocery bags stored improperly Seal paper sacks in containers to reduce insect harborage areas.
Paper napkins,cups etc, in card board boxes Remove all items from card board box and leave inside plastic or glass container.
Pet food unsealed or left out keep pet food in sealed containers and unavailable to pests.
Excessive storage conditions Keep storage areas uncluttered and manageable
Debris below kick plats Remove kick plats to reduce rodent harborage