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Product Name Cahaba Large Foldable Snake Trap with Insert
Brand Name Cahaba
Target Pest

Helps control Snakes rodents, mice, lizards, insects, spiders, and is great for catching Brown Recluse Spiders inside the home. (This may be more important than snakes).


Large Foldable cahaba snake trap. 32 “ X 9.5”, come with one catch  insert.

Where to use it

It can be used in many different locations inside the home, outside the home, all weather conditions, 24 hours a day
For best results in using the Cahaba Snake Trap:

  • Place the Trap where snakes have been sighted
  • Place the Trap where snake dens have been sighted
Place the Trap where snakes may be hiding (flowerbeds, walkways, walls, etc.)
Manufacturer Cahaba Snake Traps
Product Label & SDS
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