Not able to sleep peacefully from bed bugs??? Bed bug issues can be depressing. You may end up spending a lot of money on trying to get rid of beg bugs.

Paying for products from local stores, paying for professionals to come do the work, paying to buy a new mattress, the list goes on and the money keeps adding up.

Bed bugs are there in all 50 states in America, we hear of bed bug problems in single family homes, apartments, hospitals, hotels, and hostels almost everywhere where humans and pets sleep.

Bed bugs are survivors and very difficult to eliminate without professional products. They are nocturnal and live on blood not letting you get peaceful goodnights sleep.

They don’t die on swatting and it’s very hard to find them as they make their way inside your mattress and pillows during the day. Bed bugs also hide in clothes, sofas and anywhere there is fabric.

If you detect the infestation early, here are some tips that may help.

  • Washing and drying the fabrics in high temperature.
  • De cluttering and vacuuming under and around the bed.
  • Find a good zippered cover for your mattress.
  • Inspect your travel bags, clean and vacuum them if you detect bug bugs.
  • Inspect for Cracks in walls from where the infestation may have started and seal them.


If the infestation has already spread and out of control, you may probably be bitten by bed bugs every night and some also have troubles with intense itching and rashes. At this level of infestation you will need professional products.

The most effective and economic way to get rid of Bed bugs and their eggs completely will be to try a professional powerful DIY solution like TEMPRID FX. You can buy a small size of TEMPRID FX at just $12.19 fx-insecticide.html

Depending on the area of infestation you can move to a bigger size suitable for your square footage.