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Product Name Armadillo Scram Professional

Apply using rotary Spreader at the rate of 1 lb. per 600 sq.ft. Cover the area where armadillo damage has been observed and/or is occurring. Extend the coverage to about thirty (30) feet around and beyond the damage area. For lawn & garden area of 5000 or less se. feet we recommend covering the entire area.

DAY 1: Apply using a rotary spreader. Hand sprinkler, using the scoop provided within damaged garden plots and beds. Look behind shrubs and along buildings for excavated nesting areas and apply liberally within them. If burrow entrances can be located, drop a half scoop into each hole and flush down thoroughly with water. Water the affected area where Armadillo scram has been sprinkled or spread for approximately 5 minutes.

DAY 14: Re-apply Armadillo scram in 14 days after the initial application and then every 30 days or as needed. Heavy or extended periods of rainfall will shorten the effective period.

Active Ingredient Castor Oil 11%
Thyme Oil 1.1%
Rosemary Oil 1%
White Pepper 5%
Garlic Oil 0.1%
Citronella Oil 0.75%

Brand Name Armadillo Scram
Target Pest



Armadillo Scram Professional is a specially formulated repellent against armadillos.

For use in

Landscaped areas, Lawns, Golf Courses Grounds

Coverage Area

13,200 sq. ft.

Weight 24.97 lbs
UPC # 187000000000
Manufacturer EPIC Repellents
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